Sunday, April 11, 2010


Living in a hostel has taught me many things and it has also made me realize that this world consists of the most extreme kinds of people.
Let's consider just one small aspect of life called ‘cleanliness’, I’ve seen people whose rooms are so meticulously clean that it would make their mothers blush with pride. A small example- the brush that they use to clean their combs would be cleaner than the brush that we use to clean our teeth! On the other hand there are people whose rooms eternally look like they had just been looted by a burglar who in his hurry removes everything from its place leaving everything strewn all over the place. When you go to such rooms just make it a point not to forget small objects like keys or pen drives because you won’t be able to retrieve it in anything less than an hour!

I’m not a hygiene freak myself but I’m not as bad as the second category too….I do get an ocassional praise or two about the general cleanliness levels of my room, so I thought (for the benefit of many people in our hostel) I would just give some tips on how to keep your room clean. Some points might be tricky to apply at first but if you try hard enough, you will be able to. So here they are-

1. Firstly get yourself this very useful thing called a ‘dustbin’, which wiki defines as “ a container for temporarily storing waste, and is usually made out of metal or plastic”. This will help you store the trash from your room which would otherwise end up all over the floor.

2. There are certain semi-circular metallic objects called ‘hooks’(you can get them in MORE), which can be used to hang clothes so that you have space on the bed to sleep!

3. I know that its tempting to leave your spoon unwashed after eating Maagi because you know that you are anyway going to use it the next day and its going to become dirty again, but please for God’s sake, do wash it.

4. Using the same bucket for washing clothes, mopping the floor and taking bath is convenient but may help you contract certain things called ‘germs’ (unless you’ve already developed a resistance to them, what with your constant exposure to them!)

5. If you keep your laptop on your bed, then your charger, mouse, LAN cord, hard disk etc are eventually going to end up on the bed too, again leading to the tricky scenario called ‘not having space on the bed to sleep’.

6. Conserving water by not mopping the floor is sweet but not once your friends start tripping on the greasy floor!

7. It might be helpful if you don’t wait till there’s enough hair to make a hair ball or enough dust to make dust bunnies before sweeping….

8. Never have a mid-night birthday celebration of a friend in your room, you will need a whole day to clean the mess (that is if you do intend to clean…)

9. When all your friends are ordering food and eating together, conveniently ‘forget’ where you have left your room keys and suggest you eat in someone else’s room.

10. This is not related to cleanliness of the room, but since I’ve had the misfortune of seeing people do it, I’m begging you- Please, Oh please, if you’ve dropped food down, don't eat it off the floor. (It looks cute only when Joey or Rachel do it).

11. If your room is in the basement and if you ever come across frogs or mice(which is not quite uncommon in Krishna Bhawan I hear), please don’t try keeping them as pets, they involve a lot of dirty work.

12. If you love Chemistry, go see if they could use some help in the research lab but don’t EVER try to conduct the experiments in your own room.

13. Lastly, the easiest and most obvious method to keep your room clean- stay in it as less as possible!


Abha said...

Good job, Shravya. It's not only fun to read but also really well-presented...

Abha said...
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nishi said...

idiot!! my room looks awesome though!!:D

Madhu said...

one more advice
when u take out sumthin from ure drawer/shelf..keep it back in place after ure finished with it !!!