Saturday, September 5, 2009


(sorry about the extra flowery language...this was for the editorial board screening so i had to make it as formal as i could)

One might think I’m just a tiny piece of green paper with some gibberish on it. I would tell them-THINK AGAIN….!!

I’m virtually the most abused and the most desired thing in the universe. There’s nothing the vermin of mankind wouldn’t do to have me; I’m the source of their eternal greed and their overpowering lust. To my consternation and amusement, I see them place me at the very epicenter of their lives, letting me closer to their hearts and placing me well above their loved ones. I see their flaccid relationships and families falling apart, all in my name. The fools that they are, they think I can give them the ultimate power and self-satisfaction; I make them despair and feel like I’m ubiquitous yet too far away from their reach. But, when they do realize that I give them all the material things they ask for and when they continue to feel fidgety and agitated, their despair reaches the zenith and I can hardly keep that glee from my face!

Those who have me copiously, sometimes treat me with satiated displeasure and those who have grown up being told that desiring me greedily is in itself a mortal sin, hold me in awe and feel apoplexic with power.

How predictable and vulnerable the human beings are, never fails to amaze me! With my perfidious influence they try to have the cake and eat it too and finally end up choking themselves!

With their retarded minds and immature attitudes, my task of spreading despondency and unhappiness becomes child’s play. I have taken over every sect of their lives; no human bond can be too strong when it comes to matters concerning me. I see the world through different eyes; I change hands often, sometimes I find myself bringing joy to a child, to whom, nothing in this world is as wonderful as that bon-bon in its hands. I see the pious man offer me in charity and pray for a better world. Such instances make me want to think again and see the mankind from a whole new perspective but before long, I realize there is no veracity to it. I’m soon being used to acquire arms and propagate means to disrupt harmony.

More often than they care to notice, they put me to misuse; all I do is sit back and say to myself-“ Let the despair prevail!!! ”

Friday, September 4, 2009


This was our topic for a creative writing competition. Here's what I had to offer-

Just take a look around; you are most likely to find myriad kinds of people- who are rich and spoilt, people who are hardworking and focused, people who are simple and giving and also people who are ambitious and power hungry. Trust me, the one kind of person who is extremely hard to find is one who is very content with himself and tries to derive the best possible from the big bad world out there and who never stops telling himself that he is the one and second best to none.

The one thing that I always wonder is-“If we are here to help others, what exactly are others here for???” If I love myself more than anything else in the world, what stops me from being perfectly happy about my imperfect self? It’s not about leading a Bohemian life; it’s not about being pompous and self-centered. It’s about giving yourself the best; ‘best’ being a relative term. It’s about doing something whole heartedly, not because you are expected to, but because you want to! It’s about LIVING LIFE KING SIZE!!!

As the cliché goes- life is too short to crib about the things we don’t get so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that in the end, all that matters is how I feel about myself and whether I have done everything I truly, passionately wanted to do, and have I put my happiness above the maddening demands of this crazy world??? If yes, BINGO!!! You have a person who not only enjoys his time to the fullest but also respects himself for what he is and collaterally has a good perception about the people around him and about life in general.

Honestly, for mundane beings like us, all this is easier said than done. Many great men have time and again tried giving us subtle hints as to how to live life king size. Baz Luhrmann’s Sunscreen song is something I really love, for it so beautifully tells us about the simple truth behind the most complicated things in life- ‘Sometimes you are ahead, sometimes you are behind, the race is long…..but in the end, its only with yourself.”

I personally believe that living life king size doesn’t mean having pretty girls or splurging on expensive cars, it simply means you rock, for the sole reason that you believe you rock!