Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Having the blues?

Are colors merely visual perceptual properties arising due to the spectrum of light or is there more to them which we rather conveniently overlook? Have we unconsciously begun to take colors for granted? Do we treat them as nothing more than the mundane manifestations of some physical phenomenon we learnt about as a kid? As weird as it may sound, when I really thought about all the things that colors could signify, I was amazed at how much I could associate with just a color. A color could be a simple object, a memory, a thought, a message, an emotion, a dream. It could be anything you want it to be!
Have we ever questioned why people started buying everything red on Valentine’s Day or who decided that red roses signify love? I don’t think so; we have always blindly followed these conventions. However, just for once, let us forget about all the conventions people have associated with colors. Let us think about which color should be used to best describe the world’s most sought after emotion – LOVE. Each one of us would probably come up with a different answer. To me, it would be BLUE, hands down. I will honestly accept that I might be a tad bit prejudiced as blue is the color I love the most!
The feeling of belonging and harmony, which overpowers you while looking at the sea is blue. Staring into the skies, thanking God for every tiny thing He has endowed you with is blue. A mother’s love while looking into her baby’s eyes is blue. The freedom and your obvious love for the freedom which marks the periphery of your happiness as infinite is blue. Love has no limits, no fear or no reluctance. Love is like a blue wave -sometimes receding in quiet dignity and acceptance while sometimes rushing forth to engulf you in its grasp. The greatest virtue of love is being pure without conceit, whether the extent of your love is as small as a drop or as vast as an ocean.

You might succeed in linking any color with something negative. But to do that with blue is difficult. Blue epitomizes all the emotions and feelings that we enjoy- tranquility, happiness, love and bliss. Love cannot be precisely described, defined or measured. Love can mean anything, from what you feel for your pet to what binds you to your partner. Honestly, I cannot think of a color with more shades than blue, it is so myriad and so diverse just like love!

Blue reminds me of water, of a force so strong yet so soothing, so boundless yet so converging; what is love if not all of these? Blue reminds me of the sky; it is everywhere, ready to whisper to you the answers you go searching for, to tell you that the divine’s grace is with you; what is love if not all of these?


Anonymous said...

i loves it :):):)

Abha said...

Hey Shravya, this is one of your best posts...! You have really though a lot!!

Abha said...

thought, I mean!

Saurabh Kejriwal said...

This post is really very interesting. I really enjoyed it a lot while reading. Your each sentence was so clear in understanding. I never thought if someone can write so much on a simple color -BLUE.
Keep going
Have a good life

-Saurabh Kejriwal

shravya said...

thanks a lot saurabh!

Sahil K said...

Blue's my fav colour too :) so well i have no inhibitions abt accepting it. Really nice flow of words there. They came out beautifully! They came out with love with the manifestations of the colour BLUE :)

Vasavi said...

This is seriously your best!! I had tears in my eyes when i read it for the first time, in your room when you had gone for some civil assoc meeting...it is beautiful...then you had named it "BLUE LOVE"...i like that name a lot!! :)