Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why don't we ever say girls will be girls?

We all know what those three words are which when a girl hears, her heart starts fluttering, her eyes become wide open in disbelief, she feels like she’s in paradise and realizes there’s nothing more melodious than those three words- “Let’s go shopping!”

The purest and the most sacred of relations is that between a girl and her clothes. There are some simple Golden rules that guys often forget- Never tell a girl that something isn’t quite right about her outfit, never make a face when she suggests you go shopping and never complain that she spends too much on clothes. Nobody and I want to say it again, NOBODY, can come between a girl and her clothes!

I think every girl (rather every normal girl) fantasizes about having the biggest and the best wardrobe in the world. And of course, she could never have enough clothes, ever. May God bless all the malls and garment shops in the world! Be it the showrooms of the best brands, customized boutiques, export reject outlets or roadside maal…nothing can beat the high and the exhilaration that you get from shopping. Just entering into a shop and looking at rows and rows of outfits, in all possible colors, fabrics and designs. Ah! What a sight to see! Just trying on everything, feeling pampered and beautiful and returning home with bags of new clothes…swoon!

Why is it that even after shopping for hours on end and wandering from store to store all day, girls never get irritated or tired…what is it about shopping that is so enticing? Well, I would say basically everything! I always go shopping with my best friends or my mom, so it’s like this special bonding time, when you get to do loads of talking and have fun trying on things together. Then, of course there’s the very concept of feeling as though you have a zillion things to choose from, the heady freedom to express yourself however you want. There are no heartbreaks involved in loving clothes; you can love them as much as you want! Also, I sometimes feel that every ensemble, every outfit makes you feel something different about yourself, it’s as though something about you is being revealed to yourself. As silly as it sounds, it is true.

Some smart woman had once said- "Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping". I couldn't agree more. Had a bad day and want to turn things around? Feeling depressed and down, looking for some way to lift your spirits? Trust me, just go shopping! It is a magical healing process; you will feel renewed and empowered. It’s not just clothes; we have also been blessed with shoes, bags, accessories and many such things to shop for. There’s surely something for everyone. There’s of course another reason to shop- the godsend to mankind: SALE! All the girls reading this- If there is a sale and you still don’t feel like shopping, you definitely need to see a shrink!

Remember, it’s ok to be a shopaholic, thanks to you so many people out there are making a living, so don’t think twice….just shop!


Sayonee said...

I'm actually not that fond of shopping...but I simply can't resist when I actually enter a mall! Hats off for demystifying the female psyche :) :)

Abha said...

Awesome!!! This reminds me of all the times we have gone out shopping together (not necessarily for ourselves though!!)... So much fun! And yeah, you are making me wonder if I am "normal" if I generally don't crave for more clothes...!!!

shravya said...

lol...don't worry you are definitely least you don't hate shopping like Madhu!!

Madhu said...

I DO NOT NEED TO SEE A SHRINK...!! im perfectly normal..thank u v much!!