Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

How many gazillion times have we seen heroines in Indian movies dancing in the rain in a sexy white sari, while the hero looks on, enthralled and enticed? Rains are usually associated with pleasant feelings and more often than not, I see people screaming in joy when it starts to rain. They say watching the rain makes them happy and getting drenched is fun.
I beg to differ, watching it rain makes me depressed and getting drenched sucks! I feel there are so many things in life that we are just by default expected to love, but I don’t see what’s to love in rain? (Is it just me!?!) No offense to all you loyal fans of the rain, but I HATE RAINY SEASON.

1.The eerie silence of rainy season is, for lack of a better word, eerie.
2.You can’t go out!
3.You feel too lazy to get up and end up missing breakfast.
4.The AC is too cold and the fan is too hot thanks to the annoying intermediate temperature.
5.Washed clothes smell funny.
6.Worse still, people smell funny.
7.The frequency of Maggi cravings is alarming.
8.Did I mention that you can’t go out?
9.We don’t have any outdoor labs, so no classes are ever canceled because of rain.
10.Crickets seem to get noisier than ever.
11.We have new additions in the campus( read toads, crabs and caterpillars, yuck yuck yuck)
12.Your fancy chappals become all muddy.
13.More power cuts than ever.
14.And how can I forget- You can’t go out!


Sayonee said...

LOL shravya! but i louuuu the romantic! :):):) except when it gives u a cold :|

shravya said...

precisely my point....everyone except me seems to find it romantic and fun!

Abha said...

Great work! I really loved it(so crazy about going out, huh? ;)!!!). Anyway, I am one of those people who are not quite sure if they love rain or hate it; so, yeah I will agree with you as long as no one else highlights the positive aspects of it!!

Suma said...

enter scorpions into ur additions list Chavi!!...they r there n i saw them!!...cant get ny worse...second thots...did i mention snakes?? much for our campus...good one da!!

shravya said...

lol...i guess the list is pretty long then!

Vasavi said...

15. Your hair gets spoilt :P

Abha said...

Hey Vasu, brilliant one! What in the world could matter more???!!! :P