Friday, May 25, 2012

That little something

Why is it so hard to come by? I wish I could pay for it.. or trade some of my sister’s pretty outfits for it.. or give away my Civil Engineering text books for it (not that I need much pushing to do that)!

 Artists, writers, directors, for that matter creators of every kind while away a whole lifetime searching for it in vain. It’s like a deceptive little devil- lurking around the corner, waiting to unleash its voodoo on you.
 But you write it off, you turn a blind eye to it, you brush it away as an insignificant detail in the world that is so full of everything insignificant! And then you whine that your mundane life has a dearth of the ever so elusive- INSPIRATION!

 Inspiration, not karma is a bitch I tell you. You expect it to wear fancy stuff that catches your eye and draw you to it…but it masquerades in discarded rags, and hides in crevices that you royally over look! I tell myself- It’s been oh so long since I’ve written something. And I promptly sit down to write. I start pondering: What should I write about- love, politics, entertainment, day-to-day events that would mean little to any soul other than me? Then I look around…what inspires me? What inspires me? To tell tales of little consequence. To share an anecdote. To throw my head back and laugh maniacally. To sing myself hoarse along with the tv. To shout from roof tops. To perceive things that have always been alien. To create. To give words to my emotions. To delve deep in to my thoughts?? Err…I don’t know! Honestly, I wish I knew where I could find a cupful, maybe a spoonful, or even a teensie weensie sliver of Inspiration! I detest it…that feeling of being uninspired, of not having a passion stemming from something precious, something meaningful, maybe even life changing!

 Behind the beauty and majesty of any creation, idea or innovation there is Inspiration- Something that pushes you over the edge to finally piece the little things together and give them newfound splendor. Anything could inspire you- the glint a child’s eye as she devours an ice cream; the stars shining happily, oblivious to the mayhem happening down here; the simple silence on a lazy Saturday. It could be just about anything! And when you find yours, well there is no stopping you..