Saturday, March 20, 2010


After having written about many things which are serious and thought provoking, I wanted to write something totally crazy and extremely sarcastic….so here’s presenting something ‘hatke’. Please don’t take offence for any of the things written here because everything was meant in good humor.


Shravya: Today we have an eminent personality and D-graders’ rights activist -Mr. Nearly headless Nick (name changed) with us today. He has been kind enough to accept our request to grace the blog with his interview, sharing his deep insight into matters dear to him. So, Nick shall we get started?
Nick: Yeah….I can’t wait!

Shravya: First things first, Nick, what according to you is the greatness of every D-grader?
Nick: Well, in bad times like these, we D graders are terribly down-trodden, the people getting A grades get so much attention when in reality the credit should be going to us. They get an A because we get a D and not vice versa. We are the one’s slogging day in and day out to bring down the averages and there are hundreds of people out there who have blind faith and trust in us to bring down the averages and we shoulder this responsibility with pride and satisfaction.
Everything said and done, we are more 'popular' and talked about than them (any day)…be it among the teachers or the students!

Shravya: That’s great! So tell us, how much preparation goes into achieving a ‘D’?

Nick: It’s definitely not easy. We are the most over-worked people on the campus. Our problems start right from the time we get up. If we go to the mess immediately after getting up, the messwallah says “breakfast ki baat chhoddo…lunch time bhi katham hogaya!”, in spite of this, we never complain and we start our day (I mean noon) with 4 hours of counter strike.
People have no idea how much time and effort it takes to come up with apt nick names for everyone, to explore every nook and corner of the campus, to make up good *make ups, to spread wild rumors, to discuss social (wink, wink) issues, to keep the library clean by never entering in, to help the cafeteria and Amul owners become millionaires and so on and so forth.
We have many hurdles in the form of tut tests, quizzes, presentations etc. but we never give in because we are too ‘D’termined to give up too soon. Basically, I want to say that the campus would fall to pieces without us!
(*In BITS when you miss an exam, you apply for whats called a make-up)

Shravya: Wow, you guys do work pretty hard! Tell me Nick when did you make up your mind to work towards this.
Nick: Actually when you first step into the campus, you come with this twinkle in the eye to ‘make a difference’, to do what we are destined to do. And after test I results we realize what exactly it is we are ‘destined’ to do...and that right there was my defining moment. Since then some of us have continuously strived to deliver our ‘duties’. Many seniors have time and again told us that no one gets a D in a 4 credit course and that was when I had made up my mind to prove them wrong and guess what, I actually did!

Shravya: What other factors have encouraged and supported you in taking giant strides in this endeavor?
Nick: First of all I would like to acknowledge the contribution and encouragement from the seniors, who though didn’t realize our capabilities in the beginning, now have tremendous belief in us. Their advice and tips keep us going. And then the hot chicks in the class (though they aren’t many) do their part of keeping us distracted during the lectures. Then there’s DC, the gift to mankind and then bus no.211....its things like these that contribute a lot.
Sometimes when the campus gets too ‘studiousy’ to bear and tries to divert us from our purpose, we go into the city to gather inspiration and ideas from our peers in the local colleges and certain other focused young engineers like us.
And last but not the least all those teachers who have put us to sleep in the few classes that we do attend and all those who give us less ‘bhaav’ and even lesser marks. If we (by mistake) do a question correctly, they would use a microscope to find an error…all in all they have been very supportive.

Shravya: That’s nice Nick. I hope you will achieve more impossible feats and continue to help your fellow batch mates. Thank you very much for sparing us some of your precious time.
Nick: The pleasure is mine…please make sure that people do read this blog of yours and understand to appreciate us plus I also hope that this will be a source of information and inspiration to many.

Shravya: Yeah, I will, thanks again.

(NOTE: Someone actually did give me an interview with extremely exaggerated versions of whatever he/she has experienced or seen other people experience)


Sahil K said...

First of all I congratulate Nick..I would definitely like to know who the person is..And well a very funny description..Loved the counter-strike, the messwalah and distractions part...So this is all da fun stuff that goes in BITS Hyd..Hmm..nice!!! Its a hillarious(not sure of spelling, I kp forgetting them..ignore gramatical errors) one!

Sahil K said...

I would really like to know abt this Nick!!!

ronack said...

lmao!!!!!dt ws seriously sidesplitting!!!!really good post!!v rock!!

Abha said...

Shravya, it's really is an amazing post. "Nick" is inspiring! "They get an A because we get a D and not vice versa" has really opened my eyes to humbleness...

Anonymous said... seems that people are lookin for me..finally here iam!! This is just a subdued version of what we did here at bits..since i have started reading (somethin) after three magnificent years, its not at all strange that i have come across this post, more than 1 year after it's written.I could recollect what all i(we) did in my(our)past 3 years.thanx buddy. All u A-graders should really be thankful to us for what we did..and hopefully our legacy will continue in the years to come & forever.
long live d graders