Thursday, July 2, 2009

Veggie or Non-veggie???

Before you make any pre-conceived notions having read that title...let me make myself clear..I'm not a vegetarian (let alone a vegan) and im not publicising vegetarianism here, im just giving a two sided view.

How many of us cannot tolerate to see a puppy being pelted by stones or animals being ill-treated at the circus or wild animals being killed for fun , but at the same time cannot do without our weekly dose of chicken/fish?
How do we justify this?

Is making a meal out of a creature an offense? Some may say that meat is what the early man lived on and most living beings on our planet earth are meat-eaters, so non-vegetarianism is in no way a sin. Yet others have something different to say, when we can very well survive on fruits and vegetables and obtain all required nutrients from them, where does the need to eat fellow living beings arise? They may call it barbaric, brutal and even nothing short of cannibalism.

As it is human tendency to support our argument no matter how weak it is, People who swear by their love for non-veg say eating meat helps maintain ecological balance in the nature and also controls the number of herbivorous animals thereby saving greenery (I know its kinda lame reason), On the other hand many people are turning veggies because it is being considered healthy and also something ‘cool’ and ‘in’.

Some are realizing that many diseases and pathogens could get transmitted to us from these creatures and result in bio-amplification and they are distancing themselves from non-vegetarian food. Like an alcohol or drug addict, they are struggling to stop themselves from eating non-veg! Certain religions like Jainism, Buddhism and some sects of Hinduism consider non-vegetarianism as something uncivilized and against the Almighty, these people help spread vegetarianism and lately it has been gaining popularity. Actually speaking, I get to see two-way conversions taking place, some of my friends, born in staunch vegetarian families enjoy gorging on chicken while many others who were born non-vegetarians, for myriad reasons have turned vegetarians and even vegans! Well, the grass is definitely greener on the other side for these people.

But there is no denying the fact that eggs and meat are an essential part of a balanced and complete diet, especially for children. To many, non-vegetarianism is a part and parcel of their lives, it is just a normal activity, something that is just to be enjoyed without much thought. To sum it all up, it would be wise to say that its all in individual perception and how we take it.
As they say-‘Each one to his own!’


Sahil K said...

Well said again! btw I ain't a veggie either.. :p

Madhurya said...

well i still think its it isn't good to kill animals and eat them...i've watched them kill those poor chickens with my own eyes..its really pitiful to see those chickens screeching like that...its inhumane...i cant believe ppl eat them..but then thats my view...and i am a veggie.

but a diplomatic ending done

Nandini said...

Hear, hear!