Monday, February 2, 2015

She was home (4)

This series is dedicated to some people I love and what defines them..

It had been only an hour since he left. But it felt like an eternity. The bitter-sweet emotions surging through her were too much for her tiny heart. They had spent a glorious weekend together and the memories were fresh and vivid in her mind.

She could still feel his presence around the room. The flowers that he got her had started to wilt. But to her, they looked as beautiful as ever. The wrappers of the chocolates that they had fought over lied strewn on the table. She looked around- he had sat right here on this chair and stared at her googly eyed while she picked out matching shoes with her new dress. It was on this big fluffy beanbag that they squeezed in together and watched that ridiculously cute animated movie.

She snapped out of it and decided to open a book, hoping it might distract her from this heavy feeling that was weighing her down. But nothing seemed to help. She felt lost and disoriented. She felt like a small part of her was no longer with her. The longing that she felt for him felt like a heavy boulder on her chest, churning her insides and causing her physical pain that she couldn’t quite place.
She didn’t know when she would see him next. It hurt so bad to even think about it. She could close her eyes or open them, it made no difference. All she could see was him – the hair that she loved to ruffle, those eyes that could melt her into a puddle, and the smile that she could feel on her back even when she was looking away.

It was too much to take. She got into bed, in a futile attempt to cajole herself. She felt herself curling up, trying to fill in the invisible void. She needed his arms around her – to make her feel safe and loved; to lull her into a peaceful sleep.
She started welling up and before she knew it, she was choked with tears. It was so unfair that she could have so much love and happiness and then have to bid it goodbye in no time.
She was parched with thirst. She pulled herself out of bed, fetched the bottle and dejectedly opened the door to make the trek to the nearest cooler.
 And there he was. Panting and out of breath.

“I just couldn’t leave” was all he managed while he caught his breath.

As she melted into his arms, she knew she was home.

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