Monday, April 29, 2013

5 reasons why you must never pass out of college and stay there forever and ever

1.     Do you like laughing, shouting, creating some original music on your computer desk, or maybe even talking?
Beware, office is quiet, very quiet. So quiet that you can’t read a funny book or enjoy a pack of crunchy choco chip cookies without garnering some unwanted attention in your direction.

2.     As a student, social relations are already worked out for you-
You have your ‘gang’, some acquaintances and of course lots of enemies (the large categories of Profs, juniors, nerds, guards at the gate etc. fall here by default, reducing a lot confusion).
At work the dynamics are so messed up, you never know what your relation with the next guy is.
You have three to four levels of bosses. You can ‘sir’ a few, but not all.
You have teams and divisions and hierarchies.
And if you are intern, then well you belong neither here nor there.
 You are just one little confused kitten, unsure of whom to get a back rub from and whom to give the *all teeth baring* scowl.

3.     College is a whole world in itself, you walk from the Admin Block to the hostels and you might be on a different planet. You have some people discussing an assignment at one corner of the mess, screwing their faces in concentration and giving the air of people rewriting the Constitution of India. Meanwhile just two tables away; some guys are rubbing their eyes and trying to string words together in an attempt to gain some semblance of real life after playing video games for 18 hours.

 At work?
 It’s just cubicles, more cubicles and some more *equally fascinating and cold enough to freeze you though it’s a 45 degrees outside* cubicles.

4.     Remember “Big Brother” from George Orwell’s 1984?
He reins over all offices, and he is watching you. Constantly. Right now too.
Do you get that feeling of eyes piercing your back? That’s him.

You can’t call your girlfriend, or share memes on Facebook or check out the new Sponge Bob boxers collection on jabong.

5.     You must listen to people, like actually listen.
You must listen, and nod along and give intellectual insights.
How do people go so long without some gossip and the occasional soul cleansing process of bitching is beyond me! :O

So kids, Stay in college. 


Abha said...

Wow, awesome! :) Loved second point the most - Social relations are worked out! It's really so 'distressing' to keep thinking about whether you should call someone sir/madam, or wondering whether you should type a smiley when your manager is talking to you on office chat! :D

Shravya Lahari said...

Lol yes!
Was in the 'smiley situation' many times :P