Tuesday, March 8, 2011


-> I hate chauvinists but I love Barney....dunno why!

-> I love my name; probably that is why sometimes I feel like killing all the 12 other shravyas in the campus with whom I have to share it!

-> The amount of time I put in planning something is directly proportional to the chances of its failure.The best things that I do, happen spontaneously and out of the blue.

-> I think ‘jeggings’ are the bestestest invention by the fashion industry. I mean seriously, ‘jeans+leggings’-- how ingenious!

-> I will NOT watch a horror movie even if you pay me to do so.It’s impossible to find a bigger coward than me. You could try, but you will not succeed.

-> Will someone please tell me- Why are all Oscar winning movies so yucky?

-> I’ve learnt french for 5 years at school and Ive always wanted to speak to a native french speaker. That wish finally came true a couple of months back, but stupid me, in my excitement and anxiety to make an impression, I asked him-“Vous avez francais?” (You HAVE french?) when I meant to ask- “Vous etes francais?” (Are you french?)!!!

-> I can sing all the ‘Tiny TV’ title songs! (Anyone who doesn’t know what Tiny TV is, in Madhu’s words-“Go Die Somewhere”)

-> Why is ‘The Hindu’ so boring? Why do they even publish it!

->Where are all the ants when there is no food around?


Saurabh Kejriwal said...

Interesting post... :)

Hey...THE HINDU Newspaper is really very nice. It's very informative.
There are 2 interesting parts in it :
1. It highlights all the political and Business NEWS around the world.

2. It presents the ideas and facts considering multiple perspectives.

Anyways, keep writing..
Have a nice Life.
-Saurabh Kejriwal

shravya said...

Yeah I guess its not bad...but im kinda prejudiced...always liked times better! :)

Abha said...

Hey Chavi, you know what, you should charge the "jeggings" manufacturers for advertising them so effectively!!! :P No, seriously, I think, half the girls in our college have bought "jeggings" because you were so fascinated with the "invention"!!! And yeah, I guess it's time for me to "go die somewhere"!!!

Sahil K said...

HI-5 for most points.. Loved Point 3,too much thinking can screw tasks.. over cautious approach, not good.. I myself hate many of those oscar movies, i guess their view point is way different than us, maybe they see things in a different artistic angle.. Tiny-TV big Hi-5.. I know all songs too and anyone commenting on it can Go die somewhere :P