Thursday, June 9, 2011


Rule...its a funny word, you know. If you really observe, it has so many dimensions and categories to it. Take a minute to think of the last time you broke a rule. Some would, without even having to think, tell you in one breath. While, there would be others who will scrutinize and analyze every little 'not so right' thing they have done lately.I guess this is because the phrase,'breaking a rule' can be relative. What some may consider as an offense may be nothing but 'out of the ordinary' for others.

Is signing in for your friend at the hostel entrance considered as 'rule breaking'? What about cutting the queue in the mess?
I'm not talking about legal rule know just normal stuff!

As we grow up, so many rules which used to exist at home, slowly fade into the oblivion (either for the better or for the worse). For me, it has been things like "Don't skip breakfast","Don't stay up all night before an exam" to "No ice cream when its raining". We obviously need to change as we grow older and move to different places. It as though we are constantly writing and rewriting the set of rules we live our life by. Don't tell me you are the kind of person who sticks to his/her value system no matter what.I'm not going to buy it!

I always wonder-Rules are rules right? or are there kinds that can be overlooked and kinds that can't.I mean, we can't exactly lead the life of a Sadhu, doing all the right things all the times. We do falter.
Chetan Bhagat said- "To be successful, be sincere, not serious" and yet again we are left to decipher for ourselves what the precise meaning of 'sincere' is.
So many times in life, I find myself caught up in an internal conflict- whether or not to do something which everyone else thinks is right but I seem to believe is wrong.

Its true what they say, nothing is black or white...the varying shades of grey is all you get.


Abha said...

Wow! Short but thoughtful and really true! Incidentally, this is also something that hurts us often: to know that we are breaking 'rules' and still maintaining the desire to believe that we are people for ideals - it's distressing at times... I only take solace in the fact that there is a possibility of us gaining enough courage gradually to stick to the principles no matter what and becoming sadhus even though we currently are not!!!

Jatin Chuglani said...

A thoughtful article ... everything is relative ... including breaking the rules or not ... I believe u believe something is right , DO IT ! because it is ur life and who knows u might do something new! before independence Dandi march or freedom struggle was also against "rules" ... but if rule breaking is right according to u ... u should do it ! u'll either change people's perceptions or learn something urself .. its a win-win if u see this way !
P.S. : I don't mean that u should break every rule , most rules are good and for our own growth and safety.